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Big Sky Academy is a Therapeutic Boarding School that serves a co-educational student population between the ages of 12 and 18.

Big Sky Academy is located in the historic Sapphire Mountains of Western Montana, between Drummond and Missoula.

Big Sky Academy provides an extensive student activities and recreation program.

Located in beautiful, serene Montana, it's hard to imagine a location better suited for personal and emotional growth.

From one of our parents...


When my daughter was on her way to Big Sky our life was in shambles. I was not sure where to go or what to do.  I questioned how a peer method of Therapy would help my strong-willed, manipulating, angry daughter. Will they be able to handle her...how will other girls feel with the behaviors she has...were just a few of the thoughts and questions steaming through my mind. I was so frightened knowing this was our last hope. I questioned if she would get enough support in this peer model.


I can say we are so blessed to have made the choice in Big Sky Academy!! It has proven to be an Incredible journey for my daughter and our whole family!  She has recently graduated high school and the program. I am proud of her for both, but the social-emotional growth that she has gained while at Big Sky was Incredible!!! She went into the program as an angry, hurtful, manipulative kid. She came home a thoughtful, kind, reflective young adult. As she started her journey she hated everything about the program and couldn’t believe in all the stupid rules and behaviors. I wavered some days and once in a while thought, "What if she's right?" Within a few short months we were both growing in a positive way. Her therapist Sara was incredible and always patient and firm with her. Sara put things out there for her to work out in her group. She refused at first...absolutely not going to participate. They continued their patient and firm ways and she grew so much. She has reflective skills and coping skills that are so helpful toward being successful in everyday life!!  She also matured and learned how to take care of herself and work for money and have a strict spending habit and the value of the money in the bank.  She also learned to be part of a group, which was so wonderful when she returned home. It has made our family a reunited unit again and she is an active, willing participant now. We have had some struggles at home and she has at times turned to the incredible support of her peers at this amazing school. They have helped her at a peer level, to think things through and work through stressful times even after she was gone. They have an incredible program that has changed my daughter and our family's life.  We are so grateful for all that they have done for us.

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